At Feher Machine & Manufacturing, our clients appreciate our ability to solve problems and our willingness to service a one-time problem or job. We have more than thirty years experience providing precision, custom CNC machining, fabricating and manufacturing.  A large portion of our business is from previous clients and referrals.  

Feher Machine has an excellent team of licensed machinists and millwrights who consistently provide quality work for our clients.  Feher is ISO9001:2008 Certified.  Feher Quality Policy


History of Feher Machine & Manufacturing

Feher Machine & Manufacturing was established in 1979 by the founder, Steve Feher.  Mr. Feher immigrated from England in 1969 as a Tool & Die Maker. In the early seventies Mr. Feher accepted a job as shop manager at a machine shop in Sarnia.

In 1979 Feher Machine and Manufacturing was established; early operation began with a 'nothing is impossible' philosophy, introducing non conventional repair techniques to problems that plagued the Chemical Valley, somewhat focussing on coatings, epoxy and metal spraying.

During the 1980's and 90's Feher Machine was largely thought of as a "speciality shop" and less emphasis was put on the standard services offered by us as a machine shop. We landed contracts in the Chemical Valley and became very well known for our expertise in conveyors and belting, metal spraying solutions for wear and corrosion problems and our unique ability to solve difficult problems.


In 1990 we began servicing local department and grocery stores for checkout conveyors. 


Pan-Oston, one of the largest manufacturers of checkout conveyors, routinely calls upon Feher Machine for servicing in the Lambton County area.

FlexComp Hoses

At our sister-company, FlexComp we manufacture composite hoses, couplings, nipples and ferrules.

In 1995 Feher was recognized for redesign of the FlexComp coupling and hose system that would ensure no leaks or spills; no use of epoxies; secondary seals; or solvent and an option for repair without cutting and throwing away hose (resealing capability). This is an environmentally friendly approach which provides a healthier workplace for employees. 

Visit  www.flexcomp.ca  for further information on the FlexComp system.