Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2008


Feher Machine & Manufacturing Inc. is an innovative manufacturing company associated with the petrochemical industry including the manufacturing of flexible composite hose.


Feher Machine & Manufacturing Inc. is committed to work persistently to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.  Timely audits and annual Management Reviews as per the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 out-put continual improvement that drives our quality process.


The Feher Quality Policy is appropriate to the purpose and aims of Feher Machine & Manufacturing Inc. The objectives of this company are to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of processes, and to continually strive at keeping work related injuries to a minimum. These objectives are achieved through teamwork and accountable, written procedures and instructions, which provide the framework for the realisation of our quality process.


 The Management of Feher Machine & Manufacturing Inc. accepts full responsibility for allocating the necessary resources in training, initiatives, and technology required to maintain this Quality System.  This Quality Policy shall be posted, understood and implemented at all levels of the organization.