Services by FEHER

Licensed Machinists & Millwrights

  • Our qualified staff provide the knowledge and experience required to complete a variety of tasks
    from precision machining to production runs or custom machining applications.
  • Our fully equipped shop offers six engine lathes from 20" swing x 120" long to 12" through spindle
    oil field lathe.
  • CNC machining and milling facility.

Metal Fabrication and Welding

  • Full in house capabilities available for rolling, shearing, breaking and welding - MIG, TIG and

Metal Spraying and Cold Epoxy Coatings

  • Four complete metal spray systems - Terodyne, Eutaloy, Rototec and HVOF.
  • Reclamation of worn shafts and seal areas.
  • Ceramic coatings.
  • Applicators of liquid epoxy coatings (metal and ceramic) for erosion and corrosion solutions.

Dalic Selective Plating Process

  • Ideal for selective build up of worn components without heat or distortion.
  • Applications of a variety of metals and alloys, from nickel for wear resistance, to silver for
    electrical conductivity.

Conveyor Repair and Maintenance

  • Design and manufacture of conveyors (roller and belt).
  • Installation of conveyor belts (mechanical lacing and cold vulcanizing).
  • Authorized repair center for Pan-Oston Checkout Conveyors.
  • Re-lagging of drive rollers.
  • Rubber sheet stock supplier.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Repair

  • Piston rod repair and manufacture.
  • Trouble shooting and diagnostic services.
  • Cylinder rebuilding.

Plastic Supply and Repair

  • Plastic welding and special piping assemblies.
  • Manufacture of plastic and Teflon components.
  • Sheet and bar stock.

Racking Repairs and Inspection

  • Industrial racking inspections.
  • Certified racking repair services.